Aug 07

Bevington 10 – Jane’s report (written by Jamie)

What a wonderful day to take to the water! The sunshine brought all sorts of sailors out of the woodwork which created an impressive fleet consisting of 3 enterprises: Steph and Allan, James and Charlotte and newbies Leo and Alan. Johnny and Andrew in Solos, Andy Goodwin in his Aero, Joseph in his Supernova and Amy, Rex, Armand and Anna in Club Lasers and finally Jamie in his shiny new Laser on its maiden voyage – some said he was going to be the new Renato…well actually just Jamie said that.

A three buoy course to Starboard was set providing a nice jibe down towards Crabtree. The fleet bunched together and rounded the first mark but then started to spread out after the second. A long, hard slog up the wall occurred with Rex keeping up with the top of the fleet but it was Jamie who rounded the buoy first, closely followed by Allan and Steph. 

By the second lap Allan had re-claimed the lead and Johnny closely followed Jamie. It was now a slogging match for 1st place! The back of the fleet seemed fairly well matched but annoyingly Rex and Anna both overshot the 1st Rowing mark and subsequently lost a few places. It didn’t matter though as everyone was having a good time except for a guy from Ranelagh whose mast appeared to snap mid-race and needed assistance!

The fourth and final lap provided for some tense racing as Jamie caught Allan but then the wind died and subsequently Allan was able to work his magic and take off. Now the race was on for who would be second over the line after Johnny and Amy caught a gust and arrived right on Jamies heal. It was tense, there was trash talk, brawling and colourful language but Jamie managed to squeeze in second. However, Johnny was just too close and won the race on handicap.

1st Johnny

2nd Allan and Steph

3rd Jamie

A brilliant day had by all. There aint nothing like sunshine and sailing to blow your cares away. Thanks to Bob and Jane of safety boat and Jane in the race box.