Jul 26


With the summer being pretty gosh darn excellent this year I thought it was time to lay on a spread of big, meaty treats for people to get their chops around.

I headed for the butchers and bought half a tonne of pork ribs which were marinated in homemade BBQ sauce. These babies were big enough to give Fred Flintstone the meat sweats.

Accompanying them were some Indian spiced chicken kebabs and satay sauce, burgers, sausages and enough Halloumi to send you into a cheese induced coma.

Top notch puddings were created by various members, one of which can still be found in the fridge to this day (the pudding not the member). Unless you want to get food poisoning – maybe to get out of a boring work meeting or family gathering with the in-laws – I suggest you stay well away from it.

A right rabble turned up to booze the night away and a lot of fun was had trying to keep the paper plates on the table thanks to the hefty breeze that kicked up. That pesky wind knows exactly how to annoy us both on and off the water.

I think people seemed to have a good time! Thanks to the pudding people, Rita for snapping up the night and to everyone for coming and adding to the club atmosphere, which I am certain is second to none on the whole Thames!

See you at the next one.