Jul 14

Bevington 7 – Emma’s report

Sunday 9 July 2017
Bevington 7
10 boats

Sunday was a lovely warm and breezy day.
10 boats waited on the tow path to be launched. Jamie set a course of 4 laps all to starboard.

Lap 1 saw the boats struggle to make headway towards Putney along the Fulham wall. It was a very close pack but Renato rounded the buoy first. Closely followed by Sally and Sara. By now the fleet was fairly well strung out.

Lap 2 saw Tom and Sina deploy the spinnaker possibly prompted by Renato as he lapped them. Renato, of course, rounded the marker first, then Sally and Sara.


Lap 3 was a blur as I refereed a fight between the twins over some balloons left from Ben’s 18th party. They wanted the lights from inside.

Lap 4 saw Renato finishing the race as Sara, in third place, was beginning her last lap.

So it was safe to say that Renato won and was home, changing nappies, by the time Tom and Sina crossed the finishing line.

Yet another lovely afternoon spent at SBSC.

1st Renato
2nd Sara
3rd Sally