Jun 28

Bevington 6 – Joseph’s Report

Bevington Trophy race, 25 June 2017

A double-‘sausage’ course was laid, the first quite close to the line & the second at the mile post, both going across the river to take advantage of a good, if sometimes freakish, westerly.

Nine boats took to the water & the race started just a few minutes late.

Immediately it became obvious that boats would struggle against a relentless, fast tide that was higher than usual, even with reasonable wind. At times they seemed to move well & at other times to be absolutely stationary.

Four boats failed to round the first buoy & were straightaway disqualified.  The remaining five boats fought a tiring, technical race.  The first lap took just over 24 minutes & the race was shortened from five to three laps.

Renato was immediately in the lead, followed by Ben & Josh (Albacore), Stephanie (Laser radial), Johnny (Solo) & Amy (Laser radial).   So it remained until the last part of the third lap when Johnny got good wind & zipped forward to be second across the finishing line.  Stephanie & Ben/Josh scrapped for the finish; the Albacore crossing first.

The tide was so high that everyone was able to walk their boats off the river (see photos).

Final results, after adjustment:

1st:  Renato Hidalgo (Laser)

2nd:  Johnny Lyell (Solo)

3rd:  Stephanie Tollemache (Laser radial)

4th: Ben Thomas & Joshua Mareschel (Albacore)

Thanks to Tom Glockner & Frank Miskelly in the safety boat, who laid the buoys expertly.

J. Cabon