Jun 27

Bevington 5 – Renatos report

More than 10 boats started the race, that is a great achievement considering more than 10% of the members were in Greece on the sailing holiday.

On the race box Serena was doing a great job assisted by Oscar who just needed an improvised bell extension to start the race: https://youtu.be/PXlkPo3qwuo  It is hard to tell but there could be a boat or two over the start line… no protest was made.

There was a strong South Westerly wind and an initial triangular course was designed with the idea to have a long reach from the south bank to Fulham stadium. That was a total fail as no boat was able to round the second buoy located on the South bank due to the strong current. I couldn’t hear it from the distance but I could certainly feel the swearing at the RO while boat after boat tried to round the mark and had to gave up when the tide were pushing them back.

Finally the buoy had to be removed and boats happily continue with the remaining two buoys. No harm done. There were lots of capsizes, and boats retiring, and they all enjoyed anyway.

Final results:

Ben and Sina (Albacore)

Jamie (Laser)

Johnny (Solo)

Lessons learnt:

1- Do not attempt a triangular course anti-clockwise. Never! Tide is very strong on the South Bank

2- Do the race report as soon as you can otherwise a) you won’t remember most of it and b)Jamie will chase you like a hungry hyena