May 30

Bevington 3 – Jane’s report

Sunday 28th May was set fair…but still. I mean STILL.

Still…six boats were rigged by sailors who laughed in the face of the non-existent breeze.

Allan & Steph, Sara, Tom, Cristina, Sally & Amy crossed the line for the downriver race. It was less sailing than drifting.  Sally provided the only excitement by angling her sail so high to catch a whiff of wind that she fell out the back of the boat!

We put an end to everyone’s misery by laying an early mark, beached and decided to wait for the tide to turn at The Ship. None of us had any cash or card, except Josh, who very trustingly let us buy a jug of Pimms on his card (for he’s a jolly good fellow…!).

We did attract some curious looks from the very polished men and ladies at the pub as we clambered over the gate in our sailing gear, bringing just a whiff of the Thames with us. The Only Way is Southbank meets The Only Way is Wandsworth.

When the tide turned thankfully there was actually some wind in places on the return leg. In the final analysis the 1, 2, 3 was Allan & Steph, Sara and Amy.

Tom cycled off and came back with some very tasty BBQ fare which we ate sitting in the rain and watching a drunk man on a party boat, trying to decide if he was indeed butt-naked or whether a pair of briefs were protecting his modesty. I still think he was starkers.

Thanks to Jane SH, Trish and Josh for being the boat people.