May 23

Bevington 1 – Emmas report

Sunday was a lovely day out at SBSC.

The weather was rather cold and cloudy. The wind speed was apparently 4 knots. Unlucky for some, thirteen boats (possibly 14/15 boats but it’s now Wednesday and a lot has happened since Sunday morning)  were soon quickly rigged out on the tow path and raring to go.

It was decided to have a course that involved two gates. One at the Crabtree and one closer to home. The only thing you had to do was go between the two buoys at each end of the rectangle. Not rocket  science.

The start went without a hitch which is always a relief as race officer. The boats sped off towards the Crabtree. It was very difficult to make sense of what was happening at the top gate so we had to be patient, make a coffee and wait for the fleet to return to the bottom gate. There was a little bit of argy bargy between the Albacore and the two lasers sailed by Renato and Miguel. Miguel had not sailed a laser for 15 years so was feeling a little rusty. The rest of the happy throng were not  far behind. The second time we saw the sailors round the bottom gate, Renato and Miguel were clearly at the front and determined to battle it out for first place. The Albacore had reluctantly left them to it as their rudder decided to part company with them. Steph, Jane and Sara were all hot on the boys heels. The third lap saw Renato take the lead as the gap began to grow between the front lasers.

By the fourth lap I have to admit to being freezing cold and full of coffee so don’t remember as much as I probably should. I do remember Renato crossing the line first and Miguel second by about 30 seconds. Third was Steph and then quickly followed by a group consisting of Sara, Jane, Amy, James and probably some other people. Henry Koe and Joseph were kind and hung back to bring in the stragglers.

Luckily/unluckily for some, handicaps were applied to the final score sheet and the pesky Henry and his Topper came second. Renato first, Miguel third and Steph fourth. Sorry. That was all the information I took on at the end of the race.

I suspect that Renato is keen for Miguel not to sail a laser for another 15 years and that Henry Koe goes back to racing against people his own size.