Apr 21

Goodwin 12 – Janes report

Easter Sunday 16th April:Goodwin 12 Downriver race with club open at 10AM

The race team: in safety boat 1 Race Officer Paul Elliott with ‘mini me’ son Joshua and Jane S-H.

In safety boat 2 (and in charge of safety) Armand ably assisted by new member Elli Sallie (joined after the recent taster sailing event).

On this bright but chilly Easter morning, nine sailors competed in 8 boats⛵️: VC Sara in her Solo, Ben helming in his Albacore with crew Sina, Andrea and Amy in Lasers with Radial sails and Johnny, Joao, Josh and Renato in Lasers with full sails.

Paul and Armand briefed the sailors and everyone set about getting the boats down to the beach in record time! Well done!

At 11.15 the race was started from the beach –  Winds NW-W gusting 10mph- with Renato leading the way to Putney Bridge in 8 minutes and Josh doing his best to catch up.

On the way we passed some canoeists, pleasure boats and a dredger on manoevres..

Armand and Elli dropped the buoy near Battersea park just before Chelsea bridge and the first four over the line were Renato (12:11:54), Amy (12:12:42, Johnny (12:13:11) and Joao (12:13:21).

On corrected time race 1 winners were:

1) Amy, 2) Renato, 3) Sara, 4) Andrea, 5) Johnny, 6) Joao, 7) Josh, 8) Ben and Sina.

Armand proposed a short fun race around the buoy but all except Renato (perfecting his skills in the blustery winds) decided to wait on the beach for the tide to turn ; the sun was out but it was very chilly and I made a mental note to bring a flask of hot coffee next time!


Young Joshua Elliott rallied the RO’s 👍🏻and we got race 2 started on time at 13:15. The fleet mostly keeping to the south bank in N-NW gusting winds.

Joao’s boat needed some minor repairs so his start was delayed by 15 minutes and then our captain of vice Sara capsized just through Wandsworth bridge. Her valiant efforts to right the boat provided much amusement to the crowd sitting outside the Ship pub! 🤗

much laughter as the boat went over and cheers as she righted it! Alas the main sheet was caught and Sara needed our help.  With Joao now in sight, Armand and Elli set about towing Sara back and Paul Josh and I sped back to the clubhouse.

With minutes to spare we rang in the winners from the shore: first 3 over the line were Renato, Johnny and Amy.


Overall winners on corrected time:

1) Renato Hidalgo (1:31:59), 2)  Amy Cleaves (1:32:41), 3) Johnny Lyell (1:34:30), 4) Ben Thomas and Sina Stapelfeldt (1:35:38) 5) Andrea English (1:36:58), 6) Joshua Mareschal (1:40:08), 7)Joao Santos (1:51:43). Sara DNF.

Congratulations to you all and my special thanks to Armand, Elli, Paul and Joshua ⭐️

Happy Easter SBSC .. it’s good to be back 🙂

Jane S-H