Mar 16

PY / Handicap Adjustments

A few small adjustments are being made to the handicaps for a couple of boat classes, effective from today (16 March 2017).

Our handicap system uses the Portsmouth Yardstick tables from the RYA as a base, with SBSC-specific adjustments to reflect conditions on our stretch of the river.

For up-to-date handicap values and more information, see the Sailing: PY / Handicaps page.

Details of the changes are as follows:

  • Xenon PY has increased from 1080 to 1111 (making it equivalent to Laser Radial). This should make the Xenon more attractive for racing and increase usage of the boats especially on Sundays.
  • Topper PY has fallen from 1340 to 1240.
  • Albacore PY has been split into two sub-classes: Wooden (retaining existing PY of 1082) and Fiberglass (taking the official RYA number of 1043).
  • All other classes remain unchanged.

We hope these changes improve fairness when sailing these dinghy classes on our stretch of the river.

As always, numbers can be tweaked in future, especially when more race data is available for the different classes.