Mar 15

Goodwin 9 – Jane’s race report

I was surprised so many sailors turned up given the forecast was a measly 5-6 knots. But Southbank faith kicked in, and after an hour or so the tide had come up enough, and the wind had come up fractionally enough, to venture onto the Thames.

We set a three-buoy triangle and off our 8 boats went – making decent speed towards the first buoy.

Coming back along the north bank was slow, as expected, but has been slower!

Rounding the third buoy and starting the second lap, Renato was followed by Sally, Henry, Elaine. Allan and Steph were towards the back, but as the fleet spread out over the race they gained all the time until they were breathing down Renato’s neck on the final, third lap. Some mental calculations were probably going on in both boats as Renato’s lead narrowed towards the line. Would it be enough for him to hang on, despite the Enterprise’s handicap? It was, by about 20 seconds on corrected times.

Johnny also did very well on his new Solo adventure, coming third without even really racing at the end! Welcome to the wonderful world of the Solo…

Final results were: Renato, followed by Allan & Stpeh, Johnny, Sally, Henry, George and Elaine.

Thanks for turning out on what was a very ‘drich’ (?) day.