Mar 06

Goodwin 7 – Henry’s report

Storm Doris had been and gone, but unsettled weather continued for race 7 of the Goodwin cup and the six boats taking part faced difficult conditions for the six lap upriver course. Of the Laser sailors Renato, Johnny and Joao confidently (or boldly) opted for full sails, with Amy choosing a Radial and Christina a 4.7. The fleet was completed by Alan and Steph in the Enterprise.

The race got off to a smooth start (to the relief of the novice RO) with everyone getting away well from above the line. The challenges became clear on the upwind leg, with most boats seeming to have to stay well off the wind. The exceptions were Johnny and Renato who pulled away, to complete their first laps in under ten minutes.

And it was the battle for first place between Johnny and Renato that was the story of the day. Johnny had pulled ahead to an almost two minute lead after three laps, but something then seemed to fall into place for Renato who had recovered 30 seconds after lap 4 and another 30 after lap 5. A win still seemed there for the taking for Johnny, but an unexpected gust and capsize allowed Renato back in to win by five seconds.   

There were a number of capsizes, most dramatically Amy whose laser got caught close to the wall on the Fulham bank ending her race. Joao was the next to have to retire, after three laps and at least one swim. Christina had a good race and took 4th place after the Enterprise in 3rd.