Feb 19

Goodwin 6 – Downriver, 19th Feb


Having delayed the race start time, panic swept the club as we rushed to avoid the tide turning before we reached the downriver buoy.

With drone circling overhead, the fleet set off. Joe D scrambled to launch in time, while Graham and Peter were leisurely getting changed and agreed to catch up as best they could. The drone operators insisted they were filming the Fulham game but it seemed obvious they were shooting us instead. Joe(‘s sail) even made a brief appearance on TV in the warm-up to the football match.

In the end there was a nice break by the downriver mark, during which Graham and Peter in their 420 were able to catch up and finish the first leg race.

The sun was shining for a good stint during the race too, and at moments there was substantial hiking too!


Drainage issues ruined Graham and Peter’s sandwiches, but they seemed to be enjoying the water-resistant remainder of their picnic, while Justin and Ollie enjoyed their half-time oranges on the safety boats entertained themselves taking photos of each other.

Ranelagh were impressed with our set off time as they were stuck down river fighting the tide for some time, so despite our rushing it was just as well Allan had suggested the delayed start.

To avoid the rowers during their Boat Race time trials, we had to finish everyone at Wandsworth Railway Bridge. The results table stood as Allan & Steph in 1st and Joe Driver 2nd – a good result following his flustered start. Joe was followed closely by Amy, then Jamie, Andy, Joao and Graham + Peter in the 420. It’s only fair on Jamie to point out the “mini tornado” which was obviously the reason for his capsize (though – strangely – the safety boat crews saw no evidence of this).

Well done and thanks to all!

Gary / Ollie

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