Jan 15

Goodwin 1 – 15th January 2017

A grey and damp afternoon, with very little wind, greeted the few souls who turned out for the first race of the Goodwin Cup series. After much humming and a no little hawing, it was decided that a race could be held. Inevitably, our arrival at the slipway coincided with some launches from the Boathouse, but eventually our five dry-suited hopefuls – Allan and Steph in the Enterprise, and Henry Josh and Renato in Lasers – made it by hook or crook to the downriver side of the start line.

A two- buoy, four lap (ha!) course was to be attempted. Your race officer for once got the timing right, and as the start bell jangled Renato was at the line at almost full speed, followed by the Enterprise, with Henry and Josh a little further back. A fairly rapid beat over the tide to the top mark and the fleet compressed in their attempts to broad reach back downriver.

It seemed for a while that these would be unsuccessful, but the skill of the sailors and/or a slight increase in wind strength brought them to the bottom mark, Renato leading from Allan and Steph, then Henry and Josh.

This lap had taken about half an hour, so it was decided that two would suffice. The wind co-operated and in the same order they tacked up to the top mark and flew gently to the finish where your race officer, for the second time in one race, got the timings right!

So, Renato won from Allan and Steph with Henry third and Josh fourth. Results in the usual place.

All agreed it had been a worthwhile exercise. (Actually I didn’t consult the safety boat crew, Hugh and Bob, but I’m sure they would have agreed.)