Nov 28

Campbell Race 9 – Sun 27th November

Something obviously stirred in our sailors this grey winter’s morning, because a fleet a dozen-strong turned out for the upriver race.


The North Easterly wind got Allan and I thinking – let’s try something different. So a 3 buoy course was laid on the South Bank, with the bottom buoy the Ranelagh side of the starting line. Suggesting a ‘big sausage, small sausage’ course backfired slightly when I had to somehow fathom which lap the sailors were on as they whizzed backwards and forwards past the race box!

But Andrew Linford and I had a system and somehow kept track. It was a very entertaining race, with positions changing all over the place. At one point Jamie even snuck past Renato. Jamie then had a ‘difficult spell’ and decided to let Renato take the spoils – except he didn’t. Who knew that leading the chasing pack, Henry Koe’s Topper handicap was inching closer and closer on adjusted times? In the final analysis, Renato (who had actually half the fleet) lost out to Henry Koe by 37 seconds! Well done Henry!

Sally had a super quick start and battled with Amy and Henry C and Jamie all the way round. Amy came fourth in her Radial. Steph and Allan were third.

John and Bob very wisely called it a day as the wind built and built, but after a strong first half in the race.

Digby was sometimes in front of his first-born son, sometimes behind, sometimes in the water just centimetres from the big finish!

Well done all on what was a long and probably confusing race!  And thanks to The Barnes in the Safety Boat.