Nov 07

Campbell Race 6 – Jens Report

Campbell Race 6

Campbell Race #6 commenced with Jen trying her hand at Race Officer for the day, ably assisted by the stylish Bob Jackson in the SBSC safety boat. Luckily for everyone, Jane Deith caught the glimmer of fear in Jen’s eyes at running the race alone and gracefully gave up the notion of having a lovely gentle Saturday bobbing about in the safety boat and came to the rescue in the RO box instead.

‘Twas decided, after some reflection over the whispering Southerly wind, to delay the race by 30 minutes in the hope that the wind would come out to play. It was then decided to delay the race further as the rowers next door were launching onto the water at the same time. Only fair to allow all our South Bankers a fighting chance to get to the start line on time! 

After consultation with Steph and Renato, a gate course was decided upon and the sailors were briefed. Using the nearest two red rowing marks on the south bank and placing two yellow buoys on the opposite bank gave our plucky racers the flexibility to use either bank depending on the wind and tide- and their skills and knowledge.

We had eight keen racers, one novice RO, one graceful RO who thankfully knew how to work the mic and make nautical decisions in nautical time and one would-be racer who was delayed to the start line due to a trolley malfunction. How unfortunate.

Another challenge presented itself when the RO’s realised that our sailors couldn’t reach the standard start line….was this an ominous sign? Was the race about to come to a halt before it even got going? A hasty plan was made and a new start line fashioned out of a buoy and the safety boat. Allan and Steph out of earshot to the latest update made for a rather harried start for them and with a force 3 leaving most sailors drifting up and down the river, the RO’s kindly shortened the race from 4 to 3 laps.

In first place we had the relentless Renato dashing across the finish line, Amy hot on his heels and Sara, all set for second place victory, having her hopes dashed by an uncooperative boat that insisted on going up-river rather than down. The frustration was palpable from the race box and binoculars were clutched between white knuckled fingers as we waited for Sara to cruise across that finish line. Luckily, she did not disappoint.

A sigh of relief from the ROs, a whisper of wind carrying everyone home and a satisfied bunch of South Bankers…A good day was had by all.