Nov 06

The weekend of not sailing…

The Commodore leaves the country for a week and the Gods decide that there shall be no wind at all over the weekend……. The Campbell Trophy series is 3 all to Allan and Renato so there was obviously a race to be won by Renato without Allan being around and Steph was looking forward to getting out on her Laser too.
That wasn’t to be though.  The club was bustling on Sunday at 11am with the Koes back from half term in Salcombe sorting out their new rib, Steph and her dad Richard were chatting together and Joe unpacking his Enterprise to do a bit of sanding of the deck.  Henry was taking a look at a possible investment in Tom Sherratt’s laser, Roland getting to know the rigging of his new Topper Topaz Uno Race and John and Bob hoisting John’s Enterprise sail to do some minor adjustments. Sal and Emma chatted in the kitchen about logistics and plans for Friday night Bonfire Night . The race team of Sina, Andy and Stephen was waiting to make a decision as to whether to sail or not.  Ray was on call at the end of the phone in case we did sail so he could spring into his car and do the safety boat with Stephen. Renato arrived and he and Steph had some important business to do –  something to do with passport applications. And then Andy our Race Officer pressed the button on the Sign On Sheet data on the club PC for our CASC statistics, and the decision was thus made.  No sailing.
So lots of things going on and nowhere for anyone to go.  On the water anyway.  People gradually drifted off to do other things.  Bob and John decided to get a bit of prep work done on the branches Allan had chain sawed a couple of weeks ago.  Much sawing and lopping and we are now nearly ready for Bonfire Night on Friday.  Hurrah!
There are lots of us coming so look forward to seeing you all there

Occasional Secateur and Lopper Helper……