Oct 08

The Race to Stay Upright – Website Launch Party

Friday October 7th 2016

With a fizz stocked fridge, a 90s party mix cued up on spotify and enough canapes to feed the Koe family for an entire year the stage was set for the Website Launch Party.

After getting a little carried away with the catering we soon realised that we had over spent and would have to charge people a bank breaking £3 extra. Sally was chosen to collect the money and quickly slipped into some extra tight, wet look leggings to sweeten the deal. It worked like a charm and soon her waist band was rammed full of £10 notes!

An eclectic mix of guests showed up smartly dressed and we knew things were getting serious when Allan arrived sporting a red waistcoat and dicky bow – if only I could ever pull off looking that smart.

The good ship “party time” rather quickly headed down the treacherous river of debauchery thanks to the free flowing Prosecco which distracted the sailors from being civilised human beings. Many a canape was gobbled and many a good conversation was had – it was clear we were all having a good time. Out came the puddings which were crafted by Allan and Sara. How I gritted my teeth when people seemed to like that course the best. God damn you!

Midnight came and took the vast majority of the party goers with it. However, a hardcore unit of idiots stayed on to see the morning in with style and danced in ways that would be illegal in many Middle Eastern countries.

Of course no SBSC party is ever complete without a good yard fire and so the committee wisely decided to sacrifice an Enterprise to warm our bones outside. Sorry Enfin – we will miss you.

We knew the race to stay upright was over when Sally fell horizontal on the sofas at 2:30am. And so we shut off the music, left the rubbish for someone else to deal with and as the embers of the Enterprise glowed, we headed on home stuffed full of food and happiness.

The Results in reverse order:

3rd: Sara’s tasty meringues

2nd: Jen for wobbling off her bike face first into the towpath (I genuinely hope you’re ok??)

1st: Sally for sleeping at the club overnight and getting up at 5am to go tall ship racing on the coast the next day. Lord have mercy on your hungover soul.

Thanks to all who came and again to Max and Jane for all their hard work in making the new website so great. Long may it continue to attract great people to have a good time with us all on the river.


(PS – If anyone has any photos of anything from last night please send them to me!)