Sep 29

Midweek sailing 28th September – Jamie’s report

Wednesday: the new Saturday.

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The sun was shining, the wind was breezy and out came a bunch of retired/freelance/truant playing sailors to take on the Thames mid week.

With 7 people all eager to take out a single hander an argument quickly broke out over who was going to take which Laser. After a dangerous tournament of rock, paper, scissors Graham conceded and took out an Enterprise with James M as his crew. The rest of us (myself, James D, Roland and new member Amanda) took lasers and Dan J decided to he was ok with being the laughing stock of the river by helming the brightly coloured club Solo named “Joker”. (You can see what I did there – I thank you.)

In the safety boat was Ray and David who set a simple sausage course by dropping down 2 markers with remarkable ease. (Something tells me it’s not the first time Ray has dumped a couple of bouys attached to an anchor into a river. Although that’s usually done under cover of darkness so the police say…)

Where was I? Oh yes – we had a simple, 3 lap sausage fest with all boats giving it their best in the wonderfully breezy conditions. I mean it wasn’t a series race so who won is irrelevant but if you really, really want to know, if you absolutely insist then okay I’ll tell you: it was me. I think it’s time to begin a new series entitled “The Midweek Cup”…anyone??

Despite some colourful trash talk and some near boat collisions we all had a lovely time and returned un-scathed. Well, apart from a Laser trolley that was swallowed by the tide only to be found by Allan later on that evening.

Our new member Amanda came off the water waxing lyrical about how lovely it was to be out on the Thames mid week. I couldn’t agree more! The thought of all those full time employees slaving away in a hot office whilst I whizz down the river on a dinghy brought a whopping big grin to my face.

With an equal turnout to last weekends race it well and truly goes to prove that Wednesday is the new Saturday when it comes to sailing. I say quit your job and come and join us next week! Or at very least play truant.

Jamie Maule-ffinch