Sep 08

Start of the Campbell series – Joseph’s race report

Campbell Trophy, race no.1, 4 September 2016

In the race box:  Joseph Cabon & Serena O’Keefe

In the safety boat: Dan Johnson & Anton Fitzpatrick

At about the same time that eight SBSC boats were getting on the water for the first race of this year’s Campbell trophy, Nico Rosberg won the Italian Grand Prix on the fast, power-circuit that is Monza near Brescia in Lombardy.  Who, we wondered, would come first on the fast, power-circuit that is The Thames at Putney in good 15-25mph wind from the west?  Alas, it was not to be.  Instead of freshening to the level forecast, the wind lessened, to somewhere between 5 & 10 mph, mostly in the trees & relatively little at water level.  Though there was enough to sail by (mostly), it was hard to make way against the tide & all boats were seemingly stationary at times on the homeward leg as they looked, or waited, for the next small gust to set them going again.

The course was a figure-of-eight, flattened & a little offset at top & bottom loops.  The boats that arrived first at the buoy opposite the mile-post managed to get past, though with some difficulty.  Those who arrived later found it impossible in the easing wind, & lost over 15 minutes.  It was decided to change the course by removing that buoy from subsequent laps.  The first lap had taken 26 minutes, so it was also decided to cut the number of laps to three.

Allan & Stephanie in Allan’s Enterprise rounded first, in a lead that they would not relinquish, followed by Renato (Laser full) & Ollie & Pietro (Xenon).   From fourth place at the end of the first, Joe had a very fine second lap, overtaking both Renato & Ollie & Pietro to start the last in second place.  Ben & Henry seemed in a race-long tussle, swapping fifth & sixth places.  By the end of the second lap the Xenon had lost ground, even with gennaker hoisted, & were well behind third-place Renato.  Henry overtook Ben at the penultimate buoy to finish fifth.  Unfortunately Ben was disqualified at the last moment for failing to do a penalty turn after hitting the final buoy.

The result was:

1st:  Allan & Stephanie

2nd: Joe

3rd: Renato

No one capsized, everyone returned safely.  Our thanks to those on the safety boat, who remained vigilant throughout.

Joseph Cabon