Aug 01

Bevington Race 10, 31st July

Sunday was set fair for six boats and eight sailors to do battle with the STRONG tide and very light winds.

We laid a triangle/sausage course so the fleet raced up river to buoy A, crossed to the Fulham bank to buoy B, back to A, back to B and finally (and very slowly) down to C.

The first lap made the race officer very nervous as what wind there was dropped, and there were fears of boats drifting away towards Hammersmith. But things picked up and Renato and Allan & Steph made it round buoy C and off onto lap two.

Sara and Jonny weren’t far behind.

In the end Jonny moved up the fleet to chase Renato, but he took a very commanding lead.

John & Henry moved in front of Sara, but we she hung on – more about that in a minute.

Well done to Ana who was in a Laser for the first time. Not easy conditions either.

In the end the scores on the doors were – Renato in first, then Jonny, followed by Allan & Steph, Sarah (who was just 7 seconds ahead of John & Henry on adjusted times) and John & Henry.

Carla, fresh from her Clipper adventures, fired up the BBQ and we had British, German and South African sausages in the sunshine.