Jul 03

Bevington Race 7

Race Officer: Andrea Cox
Assistant Race Officer: Caroline Tollemache
Safety Boat: Stephanie Tollemache
Safety Boat Assistant: Richard Tollemache

The sun was out and a SW 3-4 forecast. Steph and Richard laid a course to make best use of the wind conditions, while Mike, Johnny, Elaine, Jamie and Renato took to the water in their Lasers, Allan and Amy in the Enterprise and Sara in her Solo.

As the start neared, already delayed to allay the tide, the wind dropped disappointingly and the boats struggled to make it across the start line. Steph and Richard sped back to give people a helping hand while Caroline and I started the count down in the Race Office. As the group turned to cross the line for the start, Sara, Allen & Amy, and Renato led the group down towards the first buoy where the wind filled in. Fingers were crossed that there would be enough wind to sustain the full 4 laps planned.
By the end of the first lap, Renato was in the lead, followed by Allan & Amy, Johnny and then Sara. The wind died away again halfway through the second lap and the fluctuating wind conditions continued as boats jostled for position, gaining and then losing as and when they could take advantage of the pockets of wind, or not.
Briefly considering whether to shorten the race halfway through the third lap, the wind filled in again and seemed to hold steady for the fourth and final lap.
Coming down to the finish, Renato was first across the line, followed by Allan & Amy, Johnny and then Sara, but with corrected times placing Sara in 3rd. Please see the website for full results.
A lovely day for messing around on boats with great people!