Mar 13

Goodwin Race 10

The warm temperatures and less crazy winds brought out some club members we hadn’t seen in a while and it was great to see them! With 13 boats out, it seems like we are on our way to SBSC’s more usual Summer attendance numbers. Sailors ranged from veterans John and Bob to “youth champion” Henry and Rex in the Topaz. In all, we had 6 lasers, 3 enterprises, a Xenon, a Supernova, a Solo and the Topaz out.

A 4 lap triangular course with a sausage in the middle was set and all boats had a good start. Although sailing well, a moment of inattention (and possibly messing around…) caught Henry and Rex offguard and a small gust capsized their boat which quickly inverted meaning they were out the race – a shame as with their skill and the boat’s handicap they could have done well..!

An interesting race was developing when Sam and I came back from towing the boys home. Renato had pulled ahead but Allan and Ollie in the Enterprise were close enough behind to be in with a good chance, with John and Bob also doing well. Just behind, Henry, Sally and Jamie in laser fulls were having a great race, swapping places the whole time. The greatly anticipated return of Hugh’s enterprise hit a snag when his rudder came off – he and Tim lost control temporarily, almost going into Amy. Armand and Anita in the Xenon were competing with the lasers and David, Amy and Sara in their lower handicap boats were a reasonable distance behind to remain a threat throughout the race.

A few incidents of touching or missing buoys changed positions throughout the race. In the end, Renato extended his lead and Jamie caught Allan, finishing just ahead of him on the line. Overall results were 1st Renato, 2nd Allan and Ollie, and 3rd Jamie.

Thanks to Emma and Elena for running a great race, which was followed by (of course!) a great meal.

Stephanie Tollemache