Jan 24

Goodwin Race 3

Sunny, an air temp of about 15deg, and a light SW’er with occasional gusts that an Enterprise would find “interesting” but strong enough to roll an unwary Laser, in short John’s weather, so of course I was in the office.

Some fancy footwork switched Allan into the safety boat, Stephanie into her Laser and left a surplus unrigged Laser on the towpath which threw doubts on the signing on sheet. When 7 minutes before the start, the buoys still had not been laid all became clear and the General Secretary started shouting at the Commodore. However and as the Gen. Sec. should have known, buoy A was in position before Blue Peter came down and the fleet of only six boats got away smoothly on the usual triangular course.

All boats were close together at the Hammersmith mark but on the slow beat down the Fulham bank Stephanie representing the Ukraine, pulled ahead and stayed there. At the end of lap1 it was Stephanie, Sara (actually in the lead on handicap) then Olga. Tara was paying the price for rigging a Radial.

At the end of lap 2 it was Stephanie, Sara, now 90 sec behind, then Sally. In laps 3 & 4, the wind freshened a little and 14 Ranelagh boats come slicing up the river, rounded a mark 3-4 lengths above ours and formed a starboard shouting melee just below Crabtree. It was dead boring in the office but there must have been some intense feminine competition and at the end of that lap it was Stephanie, Sally(+2 min), Tara (+2.5 min) and Sara who had had trouble with buoy B, (+3 min). Olga had lost time looking at her centre board.

In the office lap 5 was boring too, Stephanie sauntered over the line, Sally and Tara arrived within meters of each other and took ages to agree who would be second and third then Sara stood looking at the line for a minute or so before deciding that she would split them on handicap.

An enjoyable day, a pity so few members turned up.

John Parke