Jan 03

Campbell Race 13

Race officer: Joseph Cabon

Safety boat: Andrew Bates

This is the story of a race that wasn’t a race.

Four of us sat in the clubhouse staring out at the rain & listening to the wind, occasionally gusting at up to 35kms/hr, and wondering who would turn up. We were expecting Andrew but were unsure if anyone else would appear. The series race was cancelled, but it was still possible to have a fun blast around buoys. Andrew arrived, and, with two people in the safety boat, a race of sorts could be run.

A two-lap, three-buoy course was set. Two boats made it out onto the water; an Enterprise with Allan and Stephanie, and Sara in her Solo. With the wind constantly strong from the SSE, we expected it would be over in 15-20 minutes.

Sara capsized at the very start, before crossing the line, and was swept quickly away by the tide, and, avoiding moored boats and rafts, wasn’t fully recovered until just short of Fulham Railway Bridge. She was towed back to the clubhouse. Meanwhile, Allan and Stephanie were on their second lap when they too capsized, and, after righting themselves, decided to retire.

So we had a DNS and a DNF.

Everyone was safe. After, we relaxed with hot drinks and delicious chocolates brought back from Austria.

Our thanks to Andrew for his sterling work in the safety boat.

Joseph Cabon