Nov 15

Campbell Race 9

Race Officers: Tim Bishop

Safety Boat: Ray Burnett and Peter Mack

The race having been moved from a morning downriver to an afternoon round-the-buoys because of the forecast high winds, I as acting RO set a port-hand 4 lap 3 buoy course. Cue much muttering, but for the forecast (SW 5 gusting 7, or 4 gusting 6, depending on which one you looked at) it seemed reasonable to me!

Unfortunately . . the wind hadn’t looked at the forecast. The seven Lasers with varying rigs and one Albacore set off OK and got to the high-set first buoy fairly quickly, but were unable to sail across the river. The sailors agreed to restart the race at that point, reversing the course, but progress downstream for the small-rigged boats was slow, and it was clear that the race would have to be shortened.

Matters were further complicated when I misunderstood a communication from the safety boat, so that three competitors set off on a 3rd lap which I thought the small-rigged boats would be unlikely to complete before darkness fell. However, I took times at the downstream mark on the second lap and decided to end the race at that point, although in the gathering gloom I wasn’t certain that I had correctly spotted some of the numbers of the later boats…

Cue more confusion and dissatisfaction. I deemed it best to beat a hasty retreat and let the sailors work it out – the agreed results will be on the website.

Allan and Armand (Albacore), Renato (Laser 4.7), Johnny Lyall (Laser Rad)

Thanks to Ray and Peter for the safety boat.

Tim Bishop