Sep 27

Campbell Race 2

– Race Officers: Carla Caturri-Gispert and Victoria Grubb

– Safety Boat: David Fletcher and Patrick Chardon

If you were not down sailing on Sunday you missed one of the nicest days so far this autumn; mild temperatures, constant breeze and slight gusts. The Thames barriers had been closed at low tide around 11am meaning that there was not much water and the course needed to be laid in the middle of the river.

A sausage course was decided to interfere the least with Ranelagh S.C.

Victoria plus guest RO Henrik and myself sent off the boats. At the moment of the race start the safety boat manned by David and Patrick had laid the first buoy. Enough time to lay the second one, we thought, if the safety boat had not broken down!! Panic in the race box, mischief on the VHF and Henrik jumped on a club bike to join the stranded safety boat. A Barn Elms rowing safety was sent to rescue our rescue Henry and by the time the safety boat was changed the boats had wisely chosen to use one of the rowing buoys as second marker and the race pursued without any other hiccups.

A few boats capsized and the first positions were exchange between Renato in a Laser and Amy and guest Chris Cleaves in the Enterprise. Later on the fleet there was some fight for the third position between Tara and Jane. Followed by Steph who climbed positions during the whole race. Some good capsizes by Jamie and Henry were seen with the water barely covering… and all this wrapped up by Andrea also in a Laser.

Let’s hope for many windy days this autumn.

Carla Canturri-Gispert