Aug 23

Bevington Race 12 – Downriver

– Race Officers: Sally Pearce

– Safety Boat : Dan Johnson and David Joo

With a very variable weather report that had been threatening gale force winds and storms not unsurprisingly we had a minimal turnout for Sundays race.
So few in fact that we at one point through we were going to have double the amount of safety cover than sailors. The great stalwart Steph and all the way from China the sadly missed Tom Glockner back to brave the Putney waters.
Luckily Renato and Olga turned up and Renato selflessly offered to look after the kids to let Olga have a sail. The safety team made the decision that with so few sailors all of which were experienced we could reduce the safety boats to one and Richard Graham (safety boatman 4 ) would sail as well. With 4 boats we now had a race!
Then the heavens opened.

Race 1: All got off to a good start, but quickly Steph pulled away from the pack creating quite a gap. Tom pulled away as well and Olga and Richard were battling it out for 3rd place. The rain eased off, the wind picked up. Fairly steady with a few sudden gusts. The safety boat had to talk with the Ranelagh safety boat about PLA bridge issues and before we new it Steph was up by the Prince Albert memorial and we thought we had better get the buoy down for the finish. Unbeknown to us there had been a bit of a shake up, Richard and Olga had caught Tom up, it was to be a photo finish. Tom, Richard then Olga but all by hairs whisker!

Race 2: Letting the Ranelagh race pass we start up race 2 back to the club. However I can tell you nothing about it as I (Sally) had to sail a Ranelagh S C Enterprise back to their club. Two young lads who were completely inexperienced and unable to sail upwind had been left behind and Ranelagh had one safety boat with one man covering 7 boats. As kindly club neighbours we decided to do our bit, but it was a good reminder that sailing upwind against the tide on the Thames is not easy and is not for beginners on their own, and that 2 safety boat with 2 men in each should really be minimum for downrivers. Ranelagh came over and thanked us for our help afterwards, (so let’s keep that one in the bank).

Anyway back to our race, all I know is the results Steph followed by Tom then Olga and Richard.

Sally Pearce