Jun 28

Bevington Race 6

Race Officers: Carla Canturri

Safety Boat: Sara Bennett and Ray Burnet

It was an early start of a summery day: moderately high temperatures and a light breeze. The course was set to a boring sausage between two buoys, despite the cries for a more spiced up course… One buoy was laid near “do you see that white building over there, where there is a puff of wind” and another at the Crabtree.
Sara and Ray (thanks for volunteering with such short notice) were manning the safety boat and keeping the fleet safe.

The start was delayed as many boats were struggling to keep up with the tide. Remember that you are allowed to paddle or to start from the beach as some boats did, next time the RO may not be as nice as ME and will start the race…

One Supernova, four full Lasers, three Laser radials, one Albacore and one Topaz took the water. In the meantime in the race box, the RO was left in charge of a nervous little dog, an agreement was reached and she was able to stay out in the balcony if she promised not to jump out. Unfortunately for the RO it was hard to keep up with the fleet without binoculars… and the calls of the RO to shorten the race were ignored…

Despite the low wind, some Lasers capsized, probably to cool down as the temperature rose… The usual Ranelagh SC armada arrived to confuse SBSC sailors and race officers, and words were also exchanged with some rowers, making it a complete day.

The podium was formed by Allan, followed by Steph and Tara.
Many thanks to Emma and Ray who supplied and executed a very well deserved BBQ.

Carla Canturri-Gispert