May 10

Bevington Race 2

– In the Race Box: Joseph Cabon, Kate Paterson

– On the Safety Boat: David Fletcher, Matthew Richardson

A three-buoy course was laid that, if the wind had been from the south as forecasted, would have given a long run followed by a long beat back and a short reach. But at the beginning of the race the wind was more SW. So the ten boats started with more of a reach.

Renato, Sally and Allan all made excellently-timed starts, closely followed by Stephanie and Tara. Heading back to the clubhouse, Allan hugged the eastern bank and gained a good lead. The chasing Lasers made a fine sight as they beat against the wind and tide, with Tara, Renato, Stephanie and Sally in close contest. After a slow start Carla and Ollie had caught up and were now among the pack.

Allan started the second lap in a strong first place, with Tara in second, Renato third then Stephanie. Renato overtook Tara during the second lap and set about shortening Allan’s long lead. The first lap had taken approximately 23 minutes, and we decided to reduce the race to one of four laps.

The wind shifted round to the south, with irregular strength, and we now had the course originally envisaged. This shift also made rounding the middle buoy more of a challenge. Boats became spread out as the race progressed. Stephanie broke away from Tara and Sally into a clear third place. In front, Renato gradually caught up with Allan, overtook him at the very last buoy and had the satisfaction of crossing the finishing line first, but it was too late to affect the final result.

Our thanks to the safety boat crew for expertly laying the three buoys, and for remaining alert during a quiet race for them.

The first three places were: Allan and Henry, Renato, Stephanie.

Joseph Cabon