Apr 26

Goodwin Race 13

– Race Officers & SB1: Stephen Barnes and Miguel Ferreira

– Safety Boat2: Matthew Richardson and Rita Ferreira

Another downriver race, which was fun again for me as I haven’ t done safety boat duty for a while so good to be back at the helm arf arf. After all the lovely weather we’ve been having, the day had to be grey, flat and dull, but at least it wasn’ t raining.

In typical Southbank fashion the tide timings were wrong and so we had to hang around for an hour otherwise the boats down river would have trouble sailing back up against the tide. And again in Typical Southbank fashion even with the waiting around we were still 15 minutes late for the rescheduled time.

The event was broken into down and an upriver races and we made the turning point between Battersea Bridge and Albert Bridge. This was due to the leader of the 1st race being about 15 minutes ahead of the last boat and we were concerned that if the pack had sailed any further, the tide would have turned and created more trouble than it was worth for everybody else.

We had 7 boats, 1 enterprise, 1 solo and 5 lasers, with Tara, Steph and Elaine using radials

Anyway the downriver took off with Hugh in a laser getting off to an amazing start and zooming off into the sunset. In fact he was so far ahead that in the last safety boat there were times we couldn’ t see him. But then again that’ s why we had another safety boat at the head of the race. Steph and Allan fought continuously but in the end the result of race 1 was 1st Hugh, 2nd Steph and 3rd place Allan

The return element was a different matter with everybody hugging first the north bank and then the south bank. Sitting in the safety boat we could see Steph sailing really close to the shore, she looked as if she was only sailing in 6 inches of water and very probably was at times.

The results of that race were Steph, Sara and then Tara. But of course adding the 2 races together gave us the following result

1st Steph – Laser Radial
2nd Hugh – Laser
3rd Allan & Crew Enterprise

Ranelagh also had a Merlin Rocket open downriver as well, so with 18 of their boats on the river it was interesting.

I wish I’d taken my camera.

Steve Barnes