Apr 19

Goodwin Race 12

– Race Officers : John Parke and Rosie Spink

– Safety Boat : Ray Burnet and David Fletcher

In spite of a brisk forecast it was a straightforward comfortable wind about force 3 but NE-N so an anti-clockwise course was set to give a fast run back diagonally from the Barnes bank towards the stand. And at the briefing helms were warned that the onshore wind meant that launching would be slower.

As a result the first boats were hardly clear of the ramp at the start time and everyone should have been disqualified. Pragmatism prevailed in the office so we postponed for 15 minutes. Ten boats started, all single handers, Allan and Stephanie were upholding SBS’ ‘s reputation at a Corinthian open meeting.

No infringements at the first mark and everyone got to marks 2 & 3 without incident. Coming back down towards mark 1, Tara Sally and Elaine drew clear but everyone was on a dead run and not all on the same ” tack” ! The wind had backed N, perfect conditions for the usual clockwise course running against the tide down the Fulham bank. Clearly RO’ s should not try to be clever!

Tara was first round mark 1 followed closely by Sally and Elaine and they stayed well ahead of the rest. Tara was only just first round mark 1 with Sally close behind; Jamie was the first of the following pack. The second and third laps went smoothly but with the rest of the fleet closing slowly on the leaders. At the end of lap 3 Sally tacked immediately round mark 1 and gained about 30m on Tara but Elaine had disappeared. She had stayed close to the bank in the slacker tide and had lost the wind and Jane and Jamie passed her.

The winners on corrected time were: 1st Tara (Laser Rad), 2nd Sally (Laser Rad) and 3rd Jamie (Laser) Go to the website to see the full results.

John Parke