Jan 25

Goodwin Race 3 – Downriver

– Race Officers & SB1: Sally Pearce

– Safety Boat 2: Anita Marijetic and Ana Tam / Hugh Spalding

Last Sunday’s race had a surprisingly good turnout after the end of year supper; 10 boats on the water and not a hangover in site.

Very cold, light winds but with a rumour that the breeze was going to pick up it was looking to be truly be a race of two halves. Unfortunately Joe and Andrea were over the line at the start, a suicidal error on Putney waters, with the tide against them to get back over that start line meant they were out of the game.

The rest of the fleet had a gentle downwind race Renato finishing first, with Tara and Steph just seconds behind, then Carla and Sina on the 420, with Alan 5th over line, (What a turn up!), Jane Deith followed soon after Ana then Sara, (of course with that Handicap this may prove to be deceptive) and poor old Joe and Andrea trying desperately to make up for that bad start.

The wind started to pick up, a quick sausage race which proved a bit shambolic, the race office lost track immediately how many laps anyone had done), but thought Ana came third, so well done Ana!

Then the return leg. Tara seemed to be a bit of a star of the first half with an epic battle against Renato and Alan, a blowy upwind race that saw lots of changing of positions. First over the water was Alan and Henry then Renato, then Tara. Final result however was 1st Allan & Henry (Ent), 2nd Sara (Solo), 3rd Renato (Laser) nd 4th Tara (Laser). You can see the full results on the website

Sally Pearce