Jan 18

Goodwin Race 2

– Race Officers: Mark Fossick and Sophie Henwood

– Safety Boat: Tara Yamashita and Dominic Saul

The Sunday race had a very early start time; 8:30am at the clubhouse no less. It was also very, very cold. Cold and early!

Despite the cold, early start, seven SBSC sailors arrived at the clubhouse, dressed for the cold weather. Most of them looked like they’d covered themselves in glue and bounced around an Ellis Brigham shop for half an hour. All apart from the ever-stylish Allan whose mink coat and Ushanka hat were set off well against his red and white blue drysuit.

There was also no wind either. At this point there was a polite discussion about the scope of options open to a race officer in these adverse conditions. “Going back to bed” apparently not being one of them.

At 10:30am there was some wind coming from the north and a 5 lap race was initiated. This meant lots of tacking up-river but a run going down-river again. A “gate” layout of 4 buoys meant that sailors could choose which up-river and down-river buoy to turn around in each lap. Interesting layout and conditions for a dinghy race.

Initially Carla led the pack but was overtaken by Steph who started dinghying slightly faster. In a close pack, Steph maintained first place until Renato caught up after some fine dinghying; the opportunity of first place being dangled in front of a dinghyer is an excellent motivator. Allan and Henry were 2nd-last at one point but dinghied their way to 1st, then fell back to 3rd after some dodgey dinghying. Joe had been in last place but doggedly dinghied his way up to forth place. The wind eased making the down-river stretches much tougher. Renato dinghied diligently, with hardly any boat movement at all to cross the line first. However the adjusted times gave victory to Allan’s enterprise, with Renato second and Steph in third.

Our poor safety boat team had little to do except freeze in their speedboat and keep a keen eye for armed militia groups in the vicinity.

Afterwards there was hot food and many cups of hot tea.

Mark Fossick